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Nordic Swan Ecolabelled Jeans

Pieszak awarded Nordic Swan Ecolabel License as the first Danish jeans brand

The fashion brand Pieszak is the first Danish jeans manufacturer to receive the prestigious Nordic Swan Ecolabel, which is the official ecolabel of the Nordic countries, imposing strict requirements for both environmental and social conditions throughout the supply chain from cotton field to end product.

The architect behind this move is CEO and Creative Director Henriette Pieszak, who hopes that the Nordic Swan Ecolabel will add a new transparency and value resonating with her target consumer, who is the strong, sophisticated and feminine woman with attitude – without adding to the price, of course.

”It has been a priority for me to make a product where sustainability practices are implemented throughout the supply chain without compromising on the quality and fit that are Pieszak’s brand DNA – and where the look is stylish and in fashion, which is the hallmark of our design philosophy,” says Henriette Pieszak.

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is exclusively awarded to products which observe a strict set of requirements both for environmental conditions such as chemical usage, fibre production and waste water treatment as well as for quality and working conditions in the production.

“Over the past few years, sustainable fashion has received increasing attention – and the Nordic Swan Ecolabel is a strong tool as it assesses the entire journey of the product and the environmental problems that may arise along the way, which is of benefit to both people and planet. We are thrilled that Pieszak is taking the lead, so that Danish consumers now get the chance to choose eco-labelled jeans,” says Martin Fabiansen, Director of Ecolabelling Denmark.

”We have been working hard for some months now to obtain the license, and I am so proud that Pieszak can be a frontrunner in taking Danish fashion to a new, international level of sustainability while undertaking a social responsibility. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel makes so much sense to me – it is the story of how the choices we make today will make a difference for future generations,” states Henriette Pieszak.

She sees it as a natural step in the development of the Pieszak brand and is confident that the customer will engage with a product experience that taps into conscious consumption while maintaining the Pieszak quality and signature look.

Read more about the Nordic Swan Ecolabel at www.ecolabel.dk.